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Mingguang city heng ding concave earth co., LTD
Mingguang city heng ding concave earth co., LTD,简称“Constant ding concave soil”,Its predecessor is mingguang city ze xin new materials co., LTD。The company was founded in2004Years,Is the collection mining、Concave soil research and development、Production and processing、Trade and industry marketing in a body's enterprise。The company registered capital1500Wan,The total investment4000Ten thousand yuan,Is“Bright light—10 concave-convex rod industry”The size of one of the enterprises,Especially in the adhesive product research and development、On the production,Has obvious advantages。 “Constant ding concave soil” Eight production lines,The annual output reaches12Ten thousand tons of concave-convex rod products,Two factory covers an area of total area180Mu,Plant area25000Square meters,Comprehensive laboratory area600Ping...

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