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GDFCircular duct fan

YSeries three-phase asynchronous motor

YSSeries three-phase asynchronous motor

YLSeries double value capacitor asynchronous motor

YYSeries single-phase asynchronous motor

200MM(The blades)

250MM(The blades)

300MM(The blades)

350MM(The blades)

400MM(The blades)

350MM(Welding the blades)

400MM(Welding the blades)

450MM(Welding the blades)

500MM(Welding the blades)

550MM(Welding the blades)

600MM(Welding the blades)

630MM(Welding the blades)

5#The pipe

4#The pipe

3.5#The pipe

3#The pipe

2.5#The pipe

2#The pipe

310 355FLJ-W

250 280FLJ-W



Refer to figure

FFUThe blades and the solar or lunar halo

300MMThe blades and-The motor

250MMThe blades and motor

200MMThe blades and motor

130&150Leaves and motor

92-138The motor rotor-The stator

WT35-11,FWT35-11Axial flow type roof ventilator

T35-11,BT35,FT35Low noise axial flow fan

JSType of axial flow fan

SFLow noise axial flow ventilator

5-47Centrifugal fan

4-72Centrifugal fan

CF4-82Type special centrifugal fan in the kitchen

9-26High pressure centrifugal fan

9-19High pressure centrifugal fan

11-62The centrifugal fan type low noise many wings

CF-11Type centrifugal fan

DFLow noise centrifugal fan


Cast iron fan

Floor general fan

New type of fan

New type of fan

Yang anabatic wind fan

Shutter exhaust fan

Powerful industrial fan

Common exhaust fan

Common exhaust fan


Cast aluminum intermediate pressure fan

Cast iron blower

ZDGSeries of fire,Two low-noise ventilation cabinet centrifugal fan

SJGType series helical flow pipe fan

SWF-IType of mixed flow fan

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