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Opening ceremony110Ten thousand yuan for poverty alleviation2015Years9Month29Monday morning,Binchuan another major investment projects——New cayon struck binchuan comprehensive market held the opening ceremony。This is my state county level area and the largest comprehensive market construction investment。The opening ceremony,Binchuan cayon new real estate development co., LTD to binchuan county bureau of education(Nine righteousness school)Donations100Ten thousand yuan,To binchuan Taurus...
—— Warehousing logistics center ——
—— Tea wine grocery market ——
—— Struck binchuan comprehensive market ——
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Company profile

In2006The years and was registered“Kunming new cayon industry &trade co., LTD”,Investment8Thousand ten thousand yuan by the open area in kunming new cayon infrared road development and construction of yunnan tea fushi wholesale market,Covers an area of about60m,A: the gross area is approximately59000Square meters,Has been put into normal business use。And in2009By the department of commerce of yunnan province approved for yunnan alcohol products professional wholesale market,Is the only set of yunnan wine show、Sales、Distribution in the integration of large-scale wholesale market,Is no fakes、Trading platform。In2005Set up“Yunnan Jin Longyuan sheng investment co., LTD”,The company after the establishment of investment funds2One hundred million yuan, new Asia sports city kwong fuk road in kunming...
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