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Ganzhou overalls uniform_Ganzhou business attire_Ganzhou garment manufacturers-Ganzhou the rong dress co., LTD【Official website】Ganzhou overalls uniform_Ganzhou business attire_Ganzhou garment manufacturers-Ganzhou the rong dress co., LTD【Official website】
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   Ganzhou the rong dress co., LTD. Is located in jiangxi many businessmen land ganzhou gold economic development zone,Water and land transportation developed,Adjacent to guangdong、Fujian、Zhejiang provinces,Company affiliated to the ganzhou Macao trade co., LTD., one of its enterprises,The rong dress(Ganzhou city red collar business attire clothing company)Was established2009Years,Has now developed into a professional development、Production、Sales in the integration of clothing enterprises,Products with fashion、Leisure series and professional(Sets)Series is given priority to,With fashion(Bamboo-shack)And business attire(Ganzhou)Two factory mass production base,Existing development technical personnel dozens of people in the company,Senior car hundreds of sewing workers,Equipped with high speed computer flat car、Park machine、Setting machine and other special mechanical equipment,And the advanced management systemCADVersion management,High-end hardware equipment laid a solid foundation for excellent quality,Fashion production80Thousands of times,Products are exported to Hong Kong、The European and American countries and sales in the domestic market,Business attire annual output20Thousands of times(Custom content),By take honestly as this,Quality to win the enterprise objective,Set up the good enterprise...  

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China post ganzhou branch staff clothingChina post ganzhou branch staff clothing

Thanks to support China post ganzhou branch,Thanks to ganzhou postal leadership for its rong dress,China post ganzhou branch employees to work at a high speed high quality high level,To promote the image,By postal service...

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Ganzhou branch of China telecom employee business attireGanzhou branch of China telecom employee business attire

Ganzhou branch of China telecom as our old customers,Dressing the brand image is the greatest demand they make the uniform,So they are very high to the requirement of uniform!Not only need new style...

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