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The company was founded in the early 1990 s,Has been committed to the development、Research on environmental protection energy-saving products,The main products for the engineering design of various furnaces,Installation and debugging, and a new regenerative、The development and application of preheating type energy saving products。
Product advantage
The company products have been in all kinds of furnace type heating furnace、Annealing furnace、Application on the continuous heating furnace,The effect of energy saving up to20%—50%。Is the forging enterprise greatly reduces the energy consumption,Improve the working efficiency and the quality of forgings。
The partner
The company with the nanjing science and technology center for a long time、Xuzhou institute of industrial furnace, and other scientific research units to cooperate,The establishment of a complete quality management system。

  Our factory products,In the warranty period stipulated in the contract,Because of my company design process、Manufacturing、Installation and debugging or material defects and other cause any defects on the production of our responsibility,Fault and damage。
  We guarantee the goods is brand new、Unused,Is made and the best material with first-class workmanship,The quality of and fully conform to the provisions of the contract。


  Jiangyin city blue sky industrial furnaces manufacturing co., LTD(The original jiangyin blue sky environmental protection engineering co., LTD、Jiangyin city qingshan industrial furnaces equipment factory)Located in the economically developed、Rich civilization、A beautiful environment of the port of jiangyin xia west road7Number。By linking the north and the south east of jiangyin Yangtze river highway bridge and high system for highway,The south expressway and shanghai-nanjing expressway along the river。West of changzhou,North pillow Yangtze river,Waterway transportation is very convenient,Geographical condition is superior。Mr Lin Yanqiang Lin Shihong company chairman and general manager warmly welcome guests from home and abroad sincere cooperation with the company……
  Our goal is:“To build first-class environmental protection equipment,And domestic famous brands”。Jiangyin city blue sky industrial furnaces manufacturing co., LTD. With development of modern environmental protection career,With leading technology advantage and technical support services on a nationwide scale,Wholeheartedly for the domestic and foreign customers to provide a full range of environmental solutions and efficient、Professional service。

  Our company specializing in the production of all kinds of furnaces、Gas furnace、Furnaces、Industrial furnaces、Industrial furnace、Regenerative industrial furnaces、Regenerative well versed in the furnace、Small well versed in furnace、The reheating furnace of regenerative chamber、Chamber furnace、Car type heating furnace、Car type annealing furnace、The regenerative heating furnace of car、Furnaces energy-saving equipment 、Forging furnace、The heating furnace、The regenerative combustion system、Regenerative burner、Car type annealing furnace、Annealing furnace、Tempering furnace、Quenching furnace、Heat treatment furnace……
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Can greatly reduce the energy consumption for the forging enterprise,Improve the work efficiency and quality of forgings。The energy saving effect is up to20%-50%!

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