Qingdao myriad hotel furniture
Qingdao hotel furniture
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The company:Qingdao myriad furniture co., LTD

The phone:0532-68072337


Address:Tower road in the summer of Qingdao chengyang district(Heilongjiang east road and summer tower road intersection1000M professional)

The mailbox:15589872666@126.com

A mobile phone:15589872666 / 13370867356

Qingdao hotel furniture

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Qingdao hotel furnitureQingdao myriad furniture co., LTD. Is a set design、Production、The sale in a body,Specializing in the production of hotel furniture enterprises,Is the most outstanding in the shandong area form a complete set of hotel furniture enterprise!The main:Qingdao hotel furniture,Qingdao hotel desk and chair,Qingdao hot pot table,Qingdao hotel sofa,Qingdao booth sofa,Qingdao hotel linen, etc。We in line with innovative high quality business philosophy,Continuously introduce high taste for the hotel furniture,And take the market as the intention、Adhere to the quality to win,And in order to create innovative new taste for consumers、Cheap products,Strive to become consumers trust and love of well-known products。Now a lot of Qingdao hotel sofa,Qingdao hot pot table,Qingdao hotel desk and chair are all my company,See the engineering cases。
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