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  •  Shenzhen electrical wiring fire lightning protection safety testing center\Shenzhen zheng Ann electrical fire detection co., LTD\Hunan new zhongtian lightning protection testing center is affiliated with-Guangdong security fire mechanical and electrical engineering co., LTD,Class a lightning protection test qualifications\Class a fire detection,One-stop service:Electrical fire detection、Building fire control facilities maintenance、Electrical wiring detection、Fire control facilities。Was registered in shenzhen market supervision and administration according to law,The status of an independent legal entity,And by the bureau of quality and technical supervision of guangdong province and guangdong province fire corps joint assessment by an expert panel,Have the professionalCMADetection of qualification。Business on the supervision and administration bureau of shenzhen city public security fire department and the guangdong province public security fire control guidance,Specialized in building fire control facilities safety testing、Electrical fire prevention technology safety inspection、Fire control facilities acceptance、The annual inspection,Lightning protection technology security detection、Building quality safety inspection。At the same time,Also for the society from all walks of life to fire the rectification、The completion acceptance to provide professional fire safety consulting services。

     The company has a master's graduate students、More than undergraduate students,And a group of well trained、In the、The junior engineers,And engaged in electrical、The fire、Lightning protection、Building quality safety inspection work,Skilled professional and technical knowledge,We in line with strict professional trained“Fair、Justice 、Science、The good faith”The aim of the,Group for all over the country government enterprises and institutions to provide quality testing services。

      In line with the scientific and accurate quality policy,We actively introduce the United States、Germany and other advanced testing instrument and equipment,Has the international leading level,Can not affect the customer tested electrical fire control facilities system running normally,The electric、The fire、Specific location and degree of figure PuHua lightning hazards、Digital,To the Ming、Dark apply electrical wiring insulation aging、The leakage、The flames、The overload etc to conduct a comprehensive test。  Reasonable quotation,The complete detection scheme、And conform to the national standard test report won high appreciation among our customers

Detection of qualification
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